TradieApp UK - Trade 2 Trade

Bringing trades people together, from across the United Kingdom.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

For Just £19.99 p/m, we wanted to provide a solution that was easily affordable all year round.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Simply get notified when people become available for work in your area by setting a working radius within your profile. Alternatively, be notified for available jobs in your area.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

A simple to navigate mobile application. Created by life long trades people, just for you.

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Our Experience

As the founder, I have been in the Trade industry for many years. It was my goal to simplify the world of work and bring us tradespeople of the UK together.

Trade 2 Trade, we will build up our community, connect and grow together.

What you see here is our mission, and together we will achieve.

Things We Don't Want

  • High Membership Cost
  • Multiple Bidding Fee's
  • Dead / Ghost Jobs
  • Hidden Costs
  • Low Quality Leads
  • Minimum Contracts

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