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Improve Your Plastering Services

How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Plastering Services

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Growing your plastering business can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Trends shift, client expectations change, and staying ahead of the competition means keeping your ear to the ground. The secret weapon? Customer feedback.

Integrating customer feedback into your plastering service isn’t just about fixing what’s wrong; it’s about working to improve every aspect of your business to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Whether you’re dealing directly with homeowners or other businesses, the insights you gain from both positive feedback and negative are invaluable for growth and improvement, helping you do a fantastic job, everytime.

Let’s dive in.

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How to gather customer feedback

Start by making feedback collection a seamless part of your service delivery. Use digital surveys sent via email or text immediately after job completion, ensuring high response rates. For more personal insights, don’t shy away from asking for feedback directly when you’ve finished a job. Online reviews are gold dust; encourage them on your website, social media, and third-party review sites like Trustpilot, which are crucial for B2B credibility.

If you can, and are able, leverage technology to streamline this process and collect feedback for you. Various software options automate sending out surveys and reminders. A robust CRM system can help you track feedback over time, making it easier to spot trends and manage relationships, especially important in the B2B sector where long-term partnerships are key.

How to analyse the feedback

Once you’ve collected the feedback, you need to process it and extract valuable insights before you can create an action plan.

The easiest way to identify trends and patterns in what people are saying is by using analytical tools within your feedback collection software or CRM to identify common themes. For example, are customers consistently mentioning a particular aspect of your service?

Segmenting feedback by service type or customer (B2B or B2C) can also uncover specific areas for improvement. If several B2B clients, for example, suggest a need for faster service in commercial projects, consider how you can adjust your scheduling or crew assignments to meet this demand.

How to use the feedback to implement changes

Transforming customer feedback into actionable improvements is the next step in refining your plastering services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Adopt new techniques and materials

Customer feedback can directly influence the materials and tools you choose for your projects. If clients frequently mention issues with a particular product’s durability or finish, it’s time to explore alternatives.

If customers express a preference for a specific finish or material, take note. For example, if the feedback indicates there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly materials, consider incorporating sustainable plastering products into your offerings. Similarly, if clients regularly praise a particular technique’s outcome, make that technique a standard practice in your services.

Improve customer service practice

If feedback suggests you need to improve communications with clients for example, if customers suggest that updates were infrequent or unclear, take a look at how you can improve your communication strategy. This could involve regular project status emails, a dedicated client portal for real-time updates, or even a simple SMS system to keep clients informed.

Staff training and development

If feedback points to particular aspects of service delivery, such as punctuality or cleanliness, this highlights the need for staff training. Implement regular training sessions for your team focused on both technical skills and soft skills like customer interaction and project management.

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How to learn from negative feedback

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Negative feedback, while often disheartening, can be an invaluable tool for growth and improvement in your plastering services. Being able to learn from negative feedback can transform potentially damaging reviews into positive outcomes and learning experiences.

Analyse the feedback

Every piece of negative feedback is an opportunity to learn. Analyse the feedback to understand the underlying issues. Was it a one-off situation, or does it point to a larger issue that needs addressing? Understanding the root cause will allow you to make meaningful improvements.

Implement changes

To prevent similar issues in the future, implement changes now. This might involve revising your work processes, improving quality control measures, or enhancing customer service protocols. Engage your team in this process, and make sure everyone understands the changes and the reasons for them.

Follow up with the customer

After resolving the issue and implementing changes, follow up with the customer. Let them know the steps you’ve taken to address their feedback. This shows you take feedback seriously and can also help rebuild trust and potentially turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate.

Keep your plastering services sharp with continuous feedback

Striving to improve your plastering services never stops. It’s all about listening, changing, and growing based on what your customers tell you.

Always be ready to learn and improve

Make improvement part of your daily work. Firstly, get everyone on your team to see feedback as a helpful tool, not as a criticism. Talk about feedback regularly, and think together about how to use it to do a better job.

Check and update how you collect feedback

Keep an eye on how you’re asking for and looking at feedback. Can you make it easier or better? Making sure you’re getting useful feedback helps you know exactly where to improve.

See how your changes are working

After you make changes based on feedback, ask those customers what they think now. This will help you see if your changes worked and show your customers you listen to them.

Besides asking, look at what your customers say in reviews or directly to you. Also, check your records: Are jobs finishing faster? Are more customers coming back? These signs tell you if you’re moving in the right direction.

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